Learning to work with Zahlex website and project registration

After entering the website, enter the Project section, and for registering, enter the Login section of the website, and then click accept start-ups bottom. Then you must add other different items in the following link:


Please fill in the various items marked with * in the Founder information section.

In the Startup information section, complete the necessary information marked with *.

In the Login part, please attach your files, enter your product logo and startup, and enter and upload your startup image.

.در بخش زبان، نوع زبان خود و اطلاعات و عنوان محصول را وارد نمایید

In the Language section, choose your language mode (English, German) and product information.

In the pricing section of your plan, enter your price and enter the technical information and description and the economic section as a .pdf or Powerpoint (.ppt) file or image format.

Then specify the duration of time of the project and the startup activity.

Upload your original images and submit your startup project by accepting Crowd Funding conditions.

Note: please pay attention that after submission, you must wait and your project will be approved by the webmaster and will be posted on the website.